For many different wedding parties, I have made custom banners, sashes, pins and hangers. Personally, I love the special custom touch to a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding day. I create banners, in multiple sizes, colors, and fonts, to accomodate the wedding theme or party. Sashes, pins, and veils are an exciting accessorie for the bride or bridesmaids at the bachelorette party, providing something personalized to wear and stand out. Most popular are the customized wire name hangers I make. These hangers are special and unique for anyone on this occasion. Typically, the bride and the bridesmaid's dresses hang on them prior to getting dressed. These hangers can be personalized for anyone, with the hand-made wire name, and the matching color bow.  Weddings are a very memorable and unique event. Having my decor and accessories add to it, make it even more custom and special!