I have had a great and exciting time working with Bud Light on multiple past and continuing projects. Recently I created two custom Mystical Forest costumes for the 2015 Super Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona. The costumes were custom made with given meausurements for the best fitting outfit possible. Personally designed, I hand applied every flower and leaf as an applique process to cover the costume, along with rhinestones, fabric, and other embellishments. For a unique and distinct look, I embedded LED lights throughout the outfit for special effects when the field was dark or events at night. 

For the 2015 Bud Light Spring Break in Mexico, I created six custom costumes for their event. These costumes resebled the tulip flower, with three different colors. The green tutu's, brief bottoms, and halter tops were completely designed, sewn, and embellished by myself, as well as the design and creation of the flower petal collars. These six hand painted and blended flower petals were sewn together and assembled resembling the Tulip, standing up as a collar on the model.They were reinforced to remain upright with strong elastic worn around and under the underarm, staying as camoflauged as possible, while still being visually pleasing.